Powering Digital Patient Experience
Our founder is a practicing Emergency Physician with 17 years of clinical experience and a decade of healthcare administrative leadership. The team brings expertise in digital solution development, clinical EHR implementation and data science.
Focused on the patient experience
We designed Engage PX to distribute relevant education and recommend innovations to patients at every healthcare touchpoint. We improve workflow by easily providing relevant links or prescriptions for Durable Medical Equipment (DME), applications, services, pregnancy resources, physical therapy stretches, diet & recipes, support communities… anything you can imagine. Engage PX was also designed for flexible integration into the healthcare portal. Our goal was to enhance provider workflow, address communication gaps and drive improvement in patient care.
Outcomes that Matter
Improve the quality of clinical patient care. Capture patient mindshare. Address social determinants of health. Assist with Medicaid population management. Save money in readmissions. Capture return on investment (ROI) for underused resources.
Designed by
experienced clinical physicians and leaders in technology, computing and mathematics.
Cloud based
clinical, educational and digital tools that boost patient engagement and outcomes
Prescribes specific health education videos
medical devices and services.
Works with your existing healthcare system
services and applications
Helps healthcare teams connect patients
to relevant health information, technology, and innovation.